Travel Insurance

In order to take full advantage of your stay in Greece, we would also like to draw your attention to the importance of taking out an insurance policy in the event of an unexpected happening during your trip.  To this effect, we

have collaborated with INTERAMERICAN, the largest private insurance company in Greece, and are happy to offer you a travel insurance package.  This will cover you for the duration of

your tour with us.  For a detailed description of what the coverage includes, please kindly see the below.

Should you be interested in the travel policy we are proposing to you, it is necessary to have the names and dates of birth of all the passenge

Programme coverage
The Insurance Company "INTERAMERICAN ASSISTANCE S.A.”, for the duration of the insurance period, provides for the insured the coverage mentioned in the following table, according to the terms and conditions of the insurance policy, as stated in the Insurance Terms Booklet that you see below:


  • Medical advice and guidance by the Coordination Centre : Without usage restrictions
  • Medical transportation of the insured: Without cost restrictions
  • Repatriation of the insured  after being hospitalized: Without cost restrictions
  • Repatriation of co-travelling members of the family of the insured: One airline ticket
  • Travel expenses for close relative of the insured to undertake the care of minors: One round trip airline ticket
  • Hospitalization expenses outside the country of permanent residenc: Up to €6,000
  • Expenses for  treatment  on an outpatient basis (including medical services and pharmaceutical expenses): Up to €500
  • Travel and accommodation expenses for a close, hospitalized insured’s relative: One round trip airline ticket
  • Hotel accommodation for 5 days: up to €500
  • Compensation for loss of life of the insured due to accident: Up to €30,000 - Up to €300,000 maximum compensation for  the insured group
  • Compensation for Permanent Total or Partial Disability of the insured from accident: Up to €6,000
  • Expenses for transportation of mortal remains:  Up to €3,500
  • Compensation for lost luggage: Up to €300
  • Accommodation and communication expenses of the insured due to loss of travel documents : Up to €100
  • Expenses due to delayed arrival of luggage: €200 for delay over 4 hours
  • Third Party Personal Civil Liability Coverage: Up to €10,000
  • Expenses for legal support: Up to €3,000
  • Travel expenses of insured due to early interruption of trip: One round trip airline ticket to the travel destination