Christian Tours in Greece

Half Day Private Christian tour in Ancient Corinth based on the footsteps of St Paul in visit Ancient Corinth you will walk the Ancient Agora who Apostle Paul walked and met his followers.

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Book on line your One Day Private Christian Tours in Athens, combining the most Christian points of interest based on  Apostle Paul's Footsteps, and the sights of Athens, with our experienced tour guide!

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One day guided Christian tour in Athens and Corinth based on the footsteps of St Paul in visit Ancient Corintho and after Athens Sightseeing, you will walk the Ancient Agora where Apostle Paul walked preached and met his followers.

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6 Days biblical Tour at Footsteps of Saint Paul all over Greece. Choose 6 days religious tour in Greece to visit the most popular monasteries and ancient places. Our driver will make you feel the perfect sense of highly organized excursion.

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7 days Biblical tour in Greece, based on footsteps of St. Paul the Apostle, start from a visit Athens, "Mars Hill" in Corinth and  then go to Nea Fokea  ''Agiasma'' in Filippi  ''Baptismal'' in Veroia to visit "Vima of Apostle Paul"! Do not miss this chance!

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8 days Christian tour in Greece included Islands of Patmos following the footsteps of St. Paul the Apostle. Visit the Agiasma'' St. Paul, ''Baptismal'' Veria – ''Vima of Apostle Paul. Visit the most christian sites in Greece at the best prices! Book online your tour now!

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3 days Biblical tour in Greece, following in the footsteps of St. Paul the Apostle, in Athens ( Mars Hill), the Cathedral of St. Paul in Corinth and  then visit Patmos Islands to admire the Monastery of St. John also the Grotto of the Apocalypse in Patmos island!

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11 days Christian tours in Greece followinf the Fotsteps of Saint Paul. Visit Corinth, Athens, also excellent cruise tour the Mount of Athos, Vima of Apostle Paul in Veroia,  the Monasteries of Meteora, and finaly the beautiful Islands of Santorini!

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Unesco inscribed Meteora in the list of World Heritage Monuments, indicating thereby that they belong not only in Greece but also worldwide. Visit the Monasteries of Meteora in 3 days tour package from our company and enjoy your tour in Greece!

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6 Days Christian Tour Greece, with 3 days Tour in Zakynthos, our goal is to offer you unique tour on footsteps of Saint Paul, in Athens & Ancient Corinth a visit at Epidaurus, Nafplion, Ancient Olympia, Zakynthos Island, Shipwreck beach!

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